Poetry/chanting - general

Common poems/chants

  1. Don't join a race if you don't have the skills.
  2. Don't be arrogant to those who are older than you.
  3. Although others are competing for a position, you should not rebuke or forbid them.
  4. The leaders of the country must agree on the right person to be the leader (village head) so that the country can prosper.
  5. Tanimbar people should not be left behind, because we also have the potential and ability to become leaders (we are not ignorant).
  6. There are two choices, and we must be careful to choose, because the two choices are almost the same, but one is more genuine or authoritative.
  7. Since you are chosen by the people to be a leader, you must lead with a sincere heart for progress. 
  8. The gospel is always preached and you hear, but why don't you repent and listen?
  9. The Word of God in local languages is available, but who is using it? 
  10. The work of Local Language Translation has been done for a long time, so let us use it for the glory of God's name.